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Cellarius Bookkeeping Services provides you personalized bookkeeping services to help meet the needs of your ever-expanding business. We do more than record financial transactions and provide necessary reports. Our way is our mission. We are here to assist you look after what matters to you most - your business. Our personal touch, utilization of automated systems, and advisory services allow you to rest easy, and focus on the many other facets of your business. Let's see if we can help!

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What's In A Name?

To us, cellarius is more than just a unique name. Latin for the name/title of "cellarer", the cellarius was a leading official of Benedictine monasteries. His stewardship was to watch over the provisions of the monastery and advise on how such provisions were to be used and distributed. As it was then, we handle what we do with the same care and consideration. Our values of trust, transparency, and integrity will help you feel that we are more than just bookkeepers. We are stewards, highly invested in and dedicated to helping you look after your business.


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Monitoring and categorizing daily financial transactions is our bread and butter, and one less thing that you will have to worry about!

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